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BookShelf Software

In order to use the electronic library, you first have to install the Epina Bookshelf. This software provides the technical basis of the library. For the installation please proceed as follows:

  1. Download the Bookshelf client software: setup_bookshelf.zip [Rel. 1.400/2011-10-03, 3.2 MB]
  2. Install the client: unpack the ZIP file and start the file setup_bookshelf.exe. The installation is done automatically, you only have to specify the directory where to install the program.
  3. Start the program: The program can be started by using the Windows command "Start/Program Files/Bookshelf". Login as user "guest" without any password, or enter your user id and password which have been communicated to you (guest accounts allow access to some of the public domain books provided by VIAS).


  • Currently BookShelf is available for Windows only. However, Bookshelf may be operated on MacBooks or Linux systems using a virtual engine running Windows (we recommend to use VirtualBox of Sun).
  • If you want to make suggestions for improvements or report bugs (concerning the software or the contents), we are looking forward to your mail (office@epina.at).
  • The Bookshelf program checks for new updates during startup. In the case of a new update you are asked whether you are willing to allow the updates (which is what you normally should do).
  • If you are an author of a manuscript or a particular book which you want to publish it in Bookshelf, please contact us at office@epina.at.