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Epina offers free access to several public domain books and books which are provided by their authors under the Creative Commons license. In order to test Bookshelf, please proceed as follows:

  1. Load and install the Bookshelf client
  2. After starting Bookshelf you can access the free library by logging in as user "guest" without any password.

Currently the following books are available for free:

B. Crowell Lectures in Physics
H.J. Keisler Elementary Calculus - An Infinitesimal Approach
Ch. Kühn Stilverzicht - Typologie und CAAD als Werkzeuge einer autonomen Architektur
H. Lohninger Programmieren in Delphi
H. Lohninger Angewandte Mikroelektronik (Second Edition 2008)
H. Lohninger Angewandte Mikroelektronik (Vol. 1, Original Edition 1990)
H. Lohninger (ed.) General Chemistry
H. Lohninger (ed.) Neue deutsche Rechtschreibung
E. Solsten Austria