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EPINA Softwareentwicklungs-
und Vertriebs-GmbH
Am Wienerwald 15
3013 Pressbaum
Austria, Europe


Infineon Technologies has cooperated with the Vienna University of Technology and the software development company Epina GmbH to provide an electronic manual which is based on the ideas of Gerhard Lohninger, the head of the development division for discrete semiconductors of Infineon Technologies. This electronic book offers on the one hand a summary and a reference book for engineers and technicians, but also alternatively an entry into the world of modern, high-frequency semiconductor technology to managers, students and the technically interested layman. The new edition offers additional material on the electromagnetic spectrum, the Maxwell equations and the corresponding mathematics, the fundamentals of motors and power generators, the principles of antennas and the basics of power management products.

The goal of this eBook is to link the discrete semiconductors of Infineon with the appropriate fundamentals in the areas of technology, system engineering, applications and historical development and to present this to the readers in an easily understandable form using animations and simple programs. Furthermore, an integrated short-form catalog about the products provides an overview and references for selecting components for concrete applications. The eBook has a volume of approximately 205,000 words, about 1200 illustrations and 30 interactive examples.